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pictures on a plane

pics on a plane

I must be getting old.
as i look at the pictures one by one
of my kids from some ten, twenty years ago...
memories are starting to mean something to me
pictures are starting to talk back
and i find myself tuning in to the audiotrack
behind the stills,
behind the smiles 
of the joys of their childhood
of our family's childhood.
Its new,
this reflective self, not the emotive, but the reflective.
This shunning of the movie on offer this evening
the free headsets
and the drinks and peanuts.
What corner have I turned?
why does it matter what we did and how we did it
and where we did it
and who was happy and sad and naughty?
Suddenly I find so much pleasure in reconstructing
the frozen moments in those pictures
of retelling myself the events
of drilling down into the emotions of those visual moments
of rebuilding the context of those days
of those childhoods
of those interactions
of that love...
So much love
an overflowing of life's good fortune
cataloged in the pictures folder of my laptop