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On the Bayou

It was still dark when the alarm went off. The last time I took my camera and headed out to meet a sunrise I was in Zanzibar. In fact that is when I learned about how precious the early morning light is to good photography. Its funny how sunrises and sunsets have come to remind me of Fern and Ali my photography gurus. Normal people must feel the pull of a emotional even romantic tether at these times but lately I only feel the pull of cameras, long lenses and compositions.
I am new to the world of photography or more accurately to watching the world go about its business thru a glass lens. So camera in hand, this morning i ride my bicycle along the Bayou (water channels) in Houston just as the early rays are streaking overhead. Every so often I lay my bike down, pull out my camera and peer down the chute of the zoom lens. This morning's outing is unplanned so I don't know what I am looking for. I know this much: I love sunrise enthusiasts. 
There's a lady lighting up a cigar…