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Time is on your side....for now

My friend was not a patient man
but he waited for me…
As I raced out of my office
cursed at the traffic
ran up the front steps of his church.
below crisscrossing beams of colored light
near the watchful eyes of Jesus on his cross
under a canopy of stained glass and polished beams
amidst the tabernacle and the chalice
on the wrong side of the Templon
he waited
for me
in an urn too small
for the man I knew.
was not rushing today
having rendered time irrelevant
I was still rushing around
thinking heaven and hell irrelevant.
In the contrast between
my furious heartbeat and his
I discerned this
his parting
Be patient
slow down
time is on your side,

for now.


Let not good intentions alone satisfy you,
for intention without action is delusory.
Let your deeds be rooted in intention,
for action without intention is illusory.

RIP Rukia Aunty

Rukia aunty
ours yesterday
gone today
your legacy
‘that’ smile
a beautiful lightness of spirit
a wicked sense of humor
I miss u
the imbalance in my world
more acute
this afternoon
as you departed
on wings of light
the same light that nourished
your spirit
played across your face
when u teased my kids
talked of tennis
and your basketball days
I’m glad we met last weekend
I look forward to next time
Love you
Rukia aunty.

The Return

“Unto Me is your return”
God assures.
..And in a moment
when the worry
for our future
of that future beyond which there is no more future
breaks through
the constrictions
of the here and now
travelled to Mecca.
Dressed in Ihram
her husband at her side.
they journeyed out
toward God
actors bound
for a heavenly play
to a stage
a theatre
for a dress rehearsal 
of the passage between
this our world and the next.
With practice complete
lessons learned
Grandma returned
to us.
My thoughts yesterday asked aloud
if that rehearsal had been sufficient for this, for today?
Joining us
in the prayer hall
she waited in the corner
within her confines
Attired in the same Ihram
worn to that earlier dress rehearsal
so long ago.
Ready to ship out
to God
once again
this time
in a plywood box…
We prayed
as best we were able
I choked as she was
loaded into a transport
bound for her destined
two cubic meters of earth.
The theatre of her finality
a hillside of grass and headsto…


Perfection a snowflake descending the first time
Yet beautiful but bruised projected by a snow blower.
Immaculate a human joining humanity the first time
Yet angelic but bedeviled by life’s long exposure.


PTSD is debilitating, I’ve heard them all surmise
yet we send our kids into war, what a surprise.
with nary a thought or consideration weighty
we’ve built guns and planned wars so many lately.