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Vignettes in this time…

So Much…

You have so much wealth
of material
of mind
then why is it
that you chase
after fame
after frivolity
There are so many causes
to serve
to proclaim
that are more deserving of
your time
your breath.

A Meditation

Into heaven I saw
a family gathered
my favorite people united
a handsome man talking to a family beauty…
Yaseen introducing himself to Nani,
a sensitive heart meeting an emotional man…
Aisha embracing my father,
a passionate activist talking to the family intellectual…
Ahsan conversing with Zaichuba.
Heaven was a beautiful green plain
off the thruway
where the greens take over in summer
where the colors play in autumn, and
where the clouds caress the streams on winter mornings
where beautiful dinosaurs grazed
where I would love to be buried
once I complete this meditation.

We Great?

How great are we I ask?
…if we could not make friends
with a small island
full of people
living in our neighborhood
like us are human,
…if we could not reform a dictator
no match
for our might
but punishe…

Knotted emotions

As they drove in confrontational silence He felt the usual intense unease build within His reason crashing Against the walls of her irrational convictions In the fortieth year of attempting this his heart and mind both know well the inevitable failure in this interaction. Maybe his forty years of patience or the fifty seasons signaling mid-life led to the moment when he stopped the car on that lonely stretch of a Passaic county backroad, 
and said 
"Out" to his eighty-two year old mother. Unsure himself 
of whether he’d issued a threat or command uncertain of the measure of his own conviction He decided in the moment that it was an instruction I’ll drop you off here, he said, And you can find your way home. I have had enough of your suspicions Your hostility, Your disparaging words. No more. … they drive on an unusual calm settling in the space between them like a pleasant cloud comforting even as his heart is racing to be calm his mind working furiously to be cool somehow in some unforeseen …

Photography and focus

one can be driven to distraction
by the quest for great compositions,
perfect light
Another however
finds in its focus
a moment to live,
within its viewfinder
the world without,
in its colors
a palette to explore
in its wide-angles
a play of light
in this reversion
to a current instant
a mindfulness,
into the beauty of what IS,
a meditation into
the reality of NOW,
and a fleeting 
appreciation of ALL THIS.

By this glass
such wonders
details in a clear sky
textures in a dry leaf
a juxtaposition of dead twig and green sprout
humility in the eye of a lion
nectar at the Hummingbird’s beak
landscapes duplicated in puddles
ethereality of clouds.

A question dawns
this immense canvas
this mural to end all murals
with its richness of
    of color
        of form
            of material
                of smell
of ideas unlimited
of things both imagined
and un-imagined..
who is the artist?