Photography and focus

one can be driven to distraction
by the quest for great compositions,
perfect light
Another however
finds in its focus
a moment to live,
within its viewfinder
the world without,
in its colors
a palette to explore
in its wide-angles
a play of light
in this reversion
to a current instant
a mindfulness,
into the beauty of what IS,
a meditation into
the reality of NOW,
and a fleeting 
appreciation of ALL THIS.

By this glass
such wonders
details in a clear sky
textures in a dry leaf
a juxtaposition of dead twig and green sprout
humility in the eye of a lion
nectar at the Hummingbird’s beak
landscapes duplicated in puddles
ethereality of clouds.

A question dawns
this immense canvas
this mural to end all murals
with its richness of
    of color
        of form
            of material
                of smell
of ideas unlimited
of things both imagined
and un-imagined..
who is the artist?
the more the senses explore
the greater the awe
sight returns whelmed
senses are inadequate
to capture this artwork 
making apparent now
the smallness of being human
and of human art.
Our world
this celestial mural
this infinite installation of performance art
is indeed the work of divinity
no accident of time
is this beautiful universe
no cataclysm
this creation!


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