Vignettes in this time…

So Much…

You have so much wealth
of material
of mind
then why is it
that you chase
after fame
after frivolity
There are so many causes
to serve
to proclaim
that are more deserving of
your time
your breath.

A Meditation

Into heaven I saw
a family gathered
my favorite people united
a handsome man talking to a family beauty…
Yaseen introducing himself to Nani,
a sensitive heart meeting an emotional man…
Aisha embracing my father,
a passionate activist talking to the family intellectual…
Ahsan conversing with Zaichuba.
Heaven was a beautiful green plain
off the thruway
where the greens take over in summer
where the colors play in autumn, and
where the clouds caress the streams on winter mornings
where beautiful dinosaurs grazed
where I would love to be buried
once I complete this meditation.

We Great?

How great are we I ask?
…if we could not make friends
with a small island
full of people
living in our neighborhood
like us are human,
…if we could not reform a dictator
no match
for our might
but punished the innocent,
…if we could not befriend a bully
shake his hand
share a drink or two
change his mind
by treating him well
not badly
like he treated us.
…if we were intimidated by the little guy
with our own littleness.


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