Stepping back from the brink a bit I think...

Stepping back from the brink a bit I think...

we promote rights of free speech
that can be used to hurt another or others (mostly) without the danger of being punished in a court of law.
we proclaim the rights to equality
yet we can legally ghettoize minorities, colonialize peoples and geographies
while seeming to offer them equality and full citizenship
we can do all this and more and allow the raising of damaged generations,
create the existence of subdued and subjected populations,
peoples that know only war and repression
men and women that scrounge for everything....daily.

But bloody hell we must draw the line someplace....
we don't take shit from those immigrants
who despite the bestowal of our citizenship upon them are not good enough to help themselves out of poverty
who listen to their undemocratic gods
and twisted minds...
who don't value freedom above food and survival
and somehow cant find the time to indulge in a social, political discourse to negotiate a change in their destiny.

woe ...

jan 2015


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