This Moment

This Moment

The might of the Niagara falls is upon us
its spray a veritble deluge
one that envelops the boat
rains down on all our red raincoats...
yet she takes pictures
undaunted by this fierceness of nature
oblivious to all imminent danger
and unappreciative of this wonderous immersive moment...
Her prime concern is to record the moment
for history
for replays
for others to marvel at, and
for her to reminisce
And yet,
and yet,
in that very act of documenting the grandeur of that instant
she missed opening up to its magic
unfortunately escaping the spell it could've cast,
surely would've cast!
Simply put,
she didnt enjoy it for all its worth
didnt drink from its beauty
lose herself in its raw power
and become one with this uninhibited performance....
Maybe if she had accorded that moment as much respect
as she has given to the documenting of it
she may have learnt this of life's lessons...
a true 'in-the-moment' experience is as good as that 'out-of-body' experience we often seek.

So, what is it to live-in-the-moment, I ask myself...
it is to be consciously IN your immediate circumstance
and to be interacting in its various contexts
mental, and
without reservation
without judgement
without taking a pass!
and without looking ahead to the next...
We come from a culture of postponement
spending so much of our lives
forsaking today for tomorrow
earning now to spend later
stashing it away today for use tomorrow
saving the proverbial dessert for the very end of the meal.
...and this does work in many ways
as intended,
save one...
The present remains unenjoyed
'this' moment unexploited

So I reach down into my own pocket
far beneath that red raincoat
and turn off the power on my cellphone
my camera
my facebook
my snapchat
my friends
my family
my tomorrow, and
I turn to the oncoming Niagara falls and scream with the howling wind with all my might
open my mouth and drink from it, in it
rip off my raincoat and drench in it
This moment is all I've got...


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