Ever since the taliban shot a hundred kids
asked them to profess their belief aloud
the same belief that they share with their victims
and then proceeded to kill them...
I've been thinking about people
talking to myself
talking to others
asking questions.
how do we understand our world?
how do 'see' it and evaluate its problems?
how do we even get close to fixing it?
how much does cause and effect explain
and how far back do you peel back the causes.
who is responsible ...
are they ultimately responsible
what does it mean to be victim and then act out
what part does revenge play
what part fear
what part religiosity and
what part righteousness.
There are so many layers of history
so many aggressors
so many agendas
and so many victims
and so many dead.
So how do you approach the creation of peace
without creating more violence


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