Nothing lingers

Nothing lingers

There’s nothing more to capture
To take
To record
To achieve
To emulate
There really isn’t anything
That will inform the “nothing” that will ultimately remain

Our thoughts own so much
Ideas envelope such infinities
Imagination such fantasies
None of it but real or remnant
After the passage
Beyond these worldly vistas.

We are much larger than life
playing a hugely exaggerated hand
compared to our tiny selves
To indulge
to enjoy
To be
To play for a while
And then to return like a book to its shelf
To not be again what once was…

There is no sadness
Just a finality
The rightful conclusion
That after the bewilderment of life
After the dramas and the emotions
The heartbreaks and the loves
The dawning’s and the epiphanies
The reasonings and the philosophies
Nothing abides
No trace
No thought
No mark
“Nothing” IS guaranteed
So this right here is
An unmarked moment in time
Ultimately inconsequential to the future
Such an absolutely beautiful gift
no mistakes, 
lingers in time


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