The Covideo…

The world is on pause
an invisible hand playing with the streaming device of my life
I’ve always loved that feature of my cable box...
pausing the super bowl for a bathroom break, and
pausing Nadal vs Federer to make breakfast omelettes
It had never occurred to me
that the game I was watching could disappear
the paused picture replacing the show
the interruption becoming the narrative
the ‘pause’ becoming the ‘play’…
And here I am
in Covid times
Living my weekdays
like my weekends
mediating before sunrise
working out of my sofa and patio
brewing tea between meetings
cooking dinner on Monday nights
worrying if car batteries die from disuse
walking the neighborhood with smiling people
and marveling at sunsets
And yet
none of this is without a deep sense of foreboding
that this is just a calm before a storm
the ‘pause’ before the ‘stop’
when neither the program that was on play before
nor our momentary reflections during the pause
will have the same significance or relevance
once the plug is pulled
and the cable box can’t play anymore.


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