Bye Bye Sienna..

Bye Bye Sienna.

My car crashed today
its organs were crushed
its skeleton are smashed
it behaved just as it was designed to
...absorbed the hit and spared the human
It wasn't a meditated or premeditated act
not like a guard taking a bullet for a president
not like protecting a child from a rainstorm
and certainly it was without heroism or cowardice.
a week later as I finger that departed car's key on my keychain
I feel that emptiness of loss
of the departure of a long time friend
of a confidant
of family...
Of one who had endured patiently for a hundred and fifty thousand miles,
our angry brakings mixed with angry words
reckless accelerations and declarations
speedy cornering and nervous cheers
out-of-control motion and emotions.
And what's more, it did all this without a whimper or a breakdown.
My van had
witnessed the genesis of a family
the journey of my boyz to men
the soft touch of a girl, after
the roughing up by my boys
the evolution of our relationships
the greying of our temples
Ace's transition from baby-seat to driver's-seat.
I feel sad in some korny way of what it will miss as our family moves onward without it.

Bye Bye Sienna. Thank you Sienna. See you in heaven.


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