Returning from a cruise

Returning from a cruise

coming into view now
are the distant first lights of a predawn Miami
shapes dotted with neon
the causeway came into sight
and then the beautiful highway over it
and even as I enjoyed the sweep of car headlights around the wide swing in the road
my heart began to race
a swift pounding gaining rhythm and intensity
a familiar companion, yet instinctively unwelcome
the fight or flight response
the stuff of sunday nights and monday mornings
It was as simple as this...
Its the first highway i've seen in 4 days
the first signs of an early morning work commute
and the first signs of the first world, the civilized world
and a rebellion is breaking out in my body and mind!
So where have we arrived...
a life of some affluence
that has its moments of fun and reward
but one we'd rather run and hide from?
So here I am on this boat finding solace in a quiet secluded world,
having wandered an island and relished its 'backward' culture
and left wondering
why is it that we chose what we chose?
why is it that I chose what I chose?

Feb 2013


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