I bet that there is
a person driving the Spanish Alps
with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan blasting on this car speakers
the sounds of a sitar
woven into his inimitable voice
as it parades up and down his infinite range
evoking sadness, pathos and yearning
from a young Spanish heart
that understands no Urdu
not a word that Nusrat sings
not a vow he pledges
not an endearment he utters
yet is in tears by the end of the song
believing that he is one with the passion in every note,
the urgency in every strain
the love in every refrain.
....I believe this because
I am driving down the New York Highway
playing a Gypsy Kings record for the millionth time
my heart riding the wave of that gypsy's emotions
my eyes running a tear-bath at the feelings of
loss, love, friendship and yearning
that emanate from these Spanish songs...
who's words I cant read
but who's language I understand!!!


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