Light and Dark

A radiant, brilliant sun
rises into the window on the right
a dark heavy fog 
overhangs the vista outside my left
it is emerging day on my right
and unyielding night on my left
deliberately, my plane flys
on a line between night and day
between a clearing, vivid and unveiling skyscape, and
an equally powerful misty, mysterious and concealing cloudscape.
Even as I discover the wonders
that are now emerging on one side
my eyes  seeking comfort from the glare
turn to the other.
One part of me is excited
for the new possibilities.
the other nostalgic
for the old and departing greyness.
This is the destiny of the human being...
to walk the territories in between
the apparent and
the hidden.
to travel this lifetime
for an understanding.
to create clarity
in the midst of
a mostly grey ambiguous world...

Level with the plane now
the sun shines into my right face
confronting, challenging and awakening,
Clarifying, revealing, comforting
like a torch aimed at the truth
to which I so seek to arrive.
The world at my left face is yet grey
like the unclear notions I struggle with.
The untruths, coverups, unhappiness
misunderstandings, lies and sadness.
discomforting and confusing.
...the moral turpitude I so seek to dispel.

A great book explains thus this bipolarity of life
and how both light and dark must coexist
in all their literal and metaphorical forms.
'The sun does not
overtake the moon,
nor does the night
usurp the day...'
The clarity and truths we seek are a goal,
an elusive goal
while the untruths and negativity we find
exist just as potently.
Therefore the effort toward the true
is the real prize of this lifetime.
Its hard work to pursue that truth
to find the correct,
principled way of living, and
to stick doggedly to it
even when night falls
and things get murky and difficult
and no one is watching.

This lifetime isn't about
having the most chips
It's not about
accomplishing all things
Nor is it about
doing only that which feels good.
Its about searching for these truths
finding your truths
honoring those truths
avoiding the greys, and
steering clear of the darkness.
Yes we can see that fine line
between light and dark
illumination and concealment
truths and falsehoods,
so my friend,
choose to look out of the right window
of your plane, and
enjoy the view.


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