What is it to be a muslim today u ask?

lemme see...
it is to freeze every time there is a shooting, and
to pray that it wasn't a Muslim shooter
it is to watch as event unfolds and to cry into your hands
as you find out that it is
it is to wonder what your book, belief and tradition
could have told someone else something you've never read
it is to wonder how perversion
can get so perverted
how interpretation
can be so misinterpretive.
how self righteousness went so wrong.
It is to feel sorry, so genuinely sorry for what was done
by others of your faith
in the very same God's name
it is to feel the responsibility not for the crime
but for the apology
however impotent
however uncalled for
however discouraged by the many
who act as if
saying sorry for something
being sorry to someone
is akin to accepting the criminality.
No its not, it cannot be!
it is human to say sorry
to feel sorry,
for my heart at least.



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